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Please note that we cannot help our clients raise capital. Mortgage laws apply when real estate constitutes at least 60% of your debt volume. Spécialist in prêt personal and for situations of’emergency, SFB welcomes you bad credit loans in 3 languages: français, Luxembourgish / German, Portuguese, and this in all transparency and discreetétion. This usually consists of some or all of our services.

Below this ceiling, it is the consumer loan legislation that applies. Cr offersésaid are free and without obligation, entirelyèhighly adaptedées à your financial situationèD. This is a service that is heavily regulated. What are the advantages of a credit consolidation? More than 5000 regular customers. Strategic Plan Execution Management.

Credit consolidation is a financing solution that is on the rise. Over € 250 million in loans granted. The reason is that the recovery of the Belgian credit market is being felt more and more. We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital. Over 30 years of experience. Credit consolidation is one way to predict rising rates. Please note that we cannot help our clients raise capital.

Let’s put all the chances of your côté – Make an appointment: This usually consists of some or all of our services. And for good reason, with this kind of approach, you can negotiate more attractive rates and change to a fixed rate if you had a variable rate before. online: make your credit requestésaid by tétheéphone: 24 84 70 from 8 a.m. à 8 p.m. and 7 days a week in branch: Pétange, Gasperich, Ettelbrück. This is a service that is heavily regulated. For some, credit consolidation is the solution to overcome a significant risk of over-indebtedness while lowering your monthly repayment payments. SFB c’is the crésaid nearbyé: 3 branches open every day to welcome you during office hours or by appointment. Over 25 years of experience. Your charges will therefore be lower, which will save you up to a few hundred euros per month and then breathe.

We make our customers a priorityé The repurchase of credit is also a way to take advantage of a more advantageous contract. 321 projects completed. We offer borrowing solutions à all those à which their usual bank does not want to borrow. This may be lower administrative fees, or more attractive penalties, or even better quality reimbursement conditions. 27 workers employed. Our crésaid are accessible à all employeesés, workers, civil servants, on CDI or CDD, withdrawalés and pré-pensionnés or intérhymes. 19 winning awards.

What is the purpose of a credit consolidation? Are there any risks of penalties? ** The APR of 5.95% is applicable for an amount of crésaid minimum of 7,501€ and as much as’there are two consumers, which’they are engagedés both à hardée indéterminatedée and that the expense / income ratio is lowerélaughing à 25% and at least one of which is ownedéshut up’real estate in Luxembourg. 2280 satisfied customers. The purpose of this financial package is to work with a bank to consolidate your loans and monthly payments into a single loan contract and a single monthly payment. Otherwise the APR may vary depending on your financial situation.ère and it will be between 7.45% and 9.99% at most. You will then owe your future monthly payments to the new bank in question. Terms and conditions.

If you do not meet these conditions’granting of the APR préférentiel, please contact us by tétheéphone. Prerequisites. The capital to be requested during a credit consolidation is not simply counted against the rest of your collections.

The APR includes the total costs liés à your crésaid. -Be at least 18 years old and not over 85 years old on the date of application. -Have a source of monthly income, which can cover the loan commitments. -Be of good character even if it means honoring a commitment. Prepayment penalties must also be provided for. It is expressedé in percentage and can êbe comparedé à an int rateérêt on an annual basis. Indeed, even if on some online banks, prepayments free of charge are possible, if you do so via a credit redemption, the conditions will not necessarily be met.

Documents and information to provide: Credit, and faster. You should therefore always pay penalties to the bank. -Double-sided scanned identity documents (identity card, driver’s license or passport, etc.). – Copy of a bank (RIB) or postal (RIP) identity statement – A pay slip or any other document that can justify your monthly income. -An electricity bill, rent receipt or any other document that can justify your address. Be careful, you may be approached by fake Younited Credit advisors to offer you personal loans, asking you to send personal documents, funds or bank details. Do you have to buy back all your credits at the same time? Stay vigilant! More information here. Best kredit.

Know this, when you are going to seek to carry out a credit repurchase transaction, you remain in control of the situation. Credit, in simpler form. A NEED ? A PROJECT ? CONTACT US. Teach the banking system a good lesson by opting for fair, transparent and fast credit! Far from being an observation of failure, the repurchase of credit is a decision of a good manager.

To better meet your needs, the Regional Banks provide you with means of contact that will allow you to get in touch with an advisor. Fair credit. Our advice: carefully analyze your debt situation and your outstanding loans. Crédit Agricole’s SOS CARTE service is available for all your payment methods 24/7. Compare the rate differentials offered by credit institutions in Belgium. 100% of the interest is paid to our professional investors (individuals and legal entities) …

Make a statement to the police, or to the consulate if you are abroad.